Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"Real" Gold Can Tarnish and Discolor!

Many folks believe that "real" gold, meaning karated gold like 14k or 10k gold, should never discolor- that is a sign that your piece of jewelry is "fake." This is NOT TRUE!

In fact, karated gold can and does discolor at times. We call this "tarnish." Gold can have definite chemical reactions to everyday items. In my experience, bleach or chlorine can make your genuine gold jewelry appear dark or even black in areas. Perfumes, colognes, hairspray and hard water can make your gold look coppery or orange in color. In most cases, using liquid Tarnex will remove this discoloration- but PLEASE read the Tarnex directions carefully. Stubborn tarnish can be removed by the jeweler.

Oppositely, costume jewelry and gold-plated jewelry "turns," (as opposed to tarnishing), which in my vocabulary means that the plating has worn off, and no amount of cleaning with Tarnex or anything else is going to make these pieces look new again. Generally speaking, seeing the color green on any of your jewelry isn't a good sign! How quickly a piece "turns" after you begin wearing it often has to do more with your own body chemistry than just the piece itself!

So as you are sorting through your jewelry box to trade-in old gold for new jewelry at Masterpiece, please bring in anything that "appears" gold and let us determine if it is "real" karated gold. Due to tarnish, some gold items may look fake! We can tell right away- for free!

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Aaron said...

Thanks Tracy & Stacy. That's great info to know!

Emma Riley said...

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Negi said...

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gold research said...

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Parnell38 said...

I'm glad to know..I have a 14k necklace I paid a lot of money for I notice the gold looked funny in two spots.I felt better after I read your blog. Thank you.I will get it cleaned.